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2015 Hollihock Writers Conference

The Blank Page. On Aug 28-30, 2015, we held our First Annual Hollihock Writers Conference. DOWNLOAD PROGRAM.


Patricia Gomes

Everett Hoagland


Janet Aalfs

Kathleen Aguero

Steven Beeber

Jerry Blitefield

Jan Bregoli

Suzie Canale

Alexander Danner

Elaine Dimopoulos

Steve Edwards

Debbie Hagan

Rebecca Heyman

Tasneem Zehra Husain

Heather Kelly

E.B. Moore

Donna Russo Morin

Amber Lynn Natusch

Richard Pacheco

Steven Porter

Jeanne Prevost

Wesley Rothman

Linda Schlossberg

Jeff Simonds

Anna Staniszewski

Sara Williams


  • Keynote: Patricia Gomes

  • Becoming a Writer

  • Feed Your Characters! Using Food to Deepen Your Stories

  • Panel Topic: What is Your Writing Process?

  • Family Writing for Parent/Grandparent and Child

  • Crafting Diverse Characters

  • Why am I Getting All These Rejections?

  • Writer's Legal Workshop

  • Selling Commercial Fiction: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

  • Getting Detailed

  • Reading: Everett Hoagland

  • Don't Let Common Writing Missteps Hold You Back

  • An Autobiography of the Earth-Nature Writing from Where You Live

  • Poems that Move

  • Panel Topic: The Road to Being Published

  • How to Get Everyone Else to Promote Your Book So You Don't Have To

  • A New Vision: The Poetic Image

  • Panel Topic: Genre, Audience, & Comps: Query Details that Count

  • Written in a Flash

  • Putting the History in Historical Fiction

  • Book Readings, Redesigned

  • Poetry, Curiosity, & Listening

  • Panel Topic: The Future of Publishing

  • Editing Tips for More Dramatic Writing

  • The Mother of All Muses: Tapping into Memory

  • The Golden Shovel: A New Poetic Form

  • Coping With Life While You Finish the Book of Your Life

  • Panel Topic: To MFA or Not to MFA

  • The Delicate Art of Silliness

  • Essentials of Writing for the Young Adult Audience

  • Poetry in the State

  • Literary vs. Up-Market vs. Commercial: What Exactly Are You Writing?

  • Literary Prizes

  • Poetry Readings

  • The Art of Reflection: The Importance of Journal Keeping

  • Panel Topic: Writing and Community

  • Panel Topic: Writing for a Young Audience

  • How New Technologies Have Transformed Reading, Writing, & Publishing

  • Craft Notes from Iowa Workshop

  • Creative Writing for Caregivers

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