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2016 Hollihock Writers Conference

What Scares You? On Aug 26-28, 2016, we held our Second Annual Hollihock Writers Conference. DOWNLOAD PROGRAM.



Margaret Cox

Ian S. Maloney

Fran Mascolo

Catherine McLaughlin

Margo Moore

Laurie Robertson-Lorant

Jeff Simonds

Sara Williams


  • Keynote: Jennifer De Leon

  • Emotionally Driven Fiction

  • Panel Topic: Your Best Tool in the Box-Writing Groups

  • The Blank Page; The Basics

  • The Art of Critique

  • Write, Publish, & Sell a Children's Picture Book

  • The Motivated Writer

  • Poetry Workshop

  • Publishing Successes & Horror Stories

  • Featured Reading/Q&A/Signing: Mia Siegert & Kristy Acevedo

  • Keynote: Mary Johnson

  • Stretching Exercises for Writer

  • Panel Topic: Memoir

  • Life Stories

  • Poetry & Curiosity

  • Writing for Fringe Media

  • Writing Out of the Box

  • Writing & Community

  • Readings/Q&A: CambridgeEditors

  • Poet Laureate Conversation: Danielle Legros Georges & Patricia Gomes/Everett Hoagland

  • Authenticity in Young Adult

  • Writing in Reverse

  • Journaling: Strategies for Daily Writing

  • The Road to Getting Published

  • Featured Reading/Q&A/Signing: Anna Noyes

  • Panel Topic: Breaking into the Mystery and Thriller Genre

  • Query Letter Critique

  • Writer's Education

  • Traditional Publishing vs. Self-Publishing vs. Indie

  • Featured Reading/Q&A/Signing: E.B. Moore

  • Exploring the eBook

  • An Intro to Writing Audio Drama

  • Panel Topic: Researching for Fiction Writing

  • Say What? Writing Realistic Dialogue

  • Keeping it Honest

  • Writing the 10-Minute Play

  • Writer's Influsion Live Critique

  • Creating a Series

  • Finish Your Book in Three Drafts

  • Crafting the Personal Narrative Voice

  • Biography & Persona Poems

  • Keeping Your Career on Track

  • Writing for Young Audiences

  • Readings: Greater New Bedford Poets

  • Keynote: Christopher Boucher

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