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2016 Hollihock Writers Conference

What Scares You? On Aug 26-28, 2016, we held our Second Annual Hollihock Writers Conference. DOWNLOAD PROGRAM.


Christopher Boucher

Jennifer De Leon

Mary Johnson


Janet Aalfs

Kristy Acevedo

Steven Beeber

Nichole Bernier

Suzie Canale

Andrea Cleghorn

Kate Conway

Nancy Cote

Margaret Cox

Alexander Danner

Erin Dionne

Steve Froias

Danielle Legros Georges

Tanya Gold

Patricia Gomes

Elizabeth Graver

Debbie Hagan

Everett Hoagland

Stuart Horwitz

Heather Kelly

Henriette Lazaridis

Trisha Leaver

Ian S. Maloney

Fran Mascolo

Catherine McLaughlin

Randy Susan Meyers

E.B. Moore

Margo Moore

Anna Noyes

Richard Pacheco

Steven R. Porter

Alexis Rizzuto

John Rodzvilla

Laurie Robertson-Lorant

Jill Saginario

Linda Schlossberg

Mia Siegert

Jeff Simonds

Anna Staniszewski

Laura Vaughan

Dr. Harte Weiner

Sara Williams

Susan Zall


  • Keynote: Jennifer De Leon

  • Emotionally Driven Fiction

  • Panel Topic: Your Best Tool in the Box-Writing Groups

  • The Blank Page; The Basics

  • The Art of Critique

  • Write, Publish, & Sell a Children's Picture Book

  • The Motivated Writer

  • Poetry Workshop

  • Publishing Successes & Horror Stories

  • Featured Reading/Q&A/Signing: Mia Siegert & Kristy Acevedo

  • Keynote: Mary Johnson

  • Stretching Exercises for Writer

  • Panel Topic: Memoir

  • Life Stories

  • Poetry & Curiosity

  • Writing for Fringe Media

  • Writing Out of the Box

  • Writing & Community

  • Readings/Q&A: CambridgeEditors

  • Poet Laureate Conversation: Danielle Legros Georges & Patricia Gomes/Everett Hoagland

  • Authenticity in Young Adult

  • Writing in Reverse

  • Journaling: Strategies for Daily Writing

  • The Road to Getting Published

  • Featured Reading/Q&A/Signing: Anna Noyes

  • Panel Topic: Breaking into the Mystery and Thriller Genre

  • Query Letter Critique

  • Writer's Education

  • Traditional Publishing vs. Self-Publishing vs. Indie

  • Featured Reading/Q&A/Signing: E.B. Moore

  • Exploring the eBook

  • An Intro to Writing Audio Drama

  • Panel Topic: Researching for Fiction Writing

  • Say What? Writing Realistic Dialogue

  • Keeping it Honest

  • Writing the 10-Minute Play

  • Writer's Influsion Live Critique

  • Creating a Series

  • Finish Your Book in Three Drafts

  • Crafting the Personal Narrative Voice

  • Biography & Persona Poems

  • Keeping Your Career on Track

  • Writing for Young Audiences

  • Readings: Greater New Bedford Poets

  • Keynote: Christopher Boucher


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