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5 Reasons You Can’t Miss Hollihock

New England has an extraordinary writing tradition. The region is steeped in the lore of famous authors, from Louisa May Alcott, to Stephen King, to John Updike, to (purportedly) Mother Goose herself. Now in our third year, Hollihock strives to honor and strengthen this tradition, bringing writers together for a weekend of camaraderie and connection.

But it’s more than just a meet-and-greet. If you’re a writer who lives in New England, here’s why Hollihock is a unique event you can’t afford to miss:

1. WRITE. Some conferences treat their attendees as passive members of an audience, there to listen and observe. At Hollihock, we insist you get down and dirty. Bring your current project; our hands-on workshops and practical discussions will ensure you make real progress.

2. INSPIRE. Hollihock touches all genres, from fiction to non-fiction to poetry. You’ll witness that sharing of stories and (hopefully) share some of your own. Fresh ideas and new perspectives are guaranteed, regardless of what part of the literary spectrum you hail from.

3. EDUCATE. Our speakers don’t just talk the talk, they’ve walked the walk. Our line-up includes industry professionals, from college professors to published authors, who have been where you need to go and actually want to help you get there. Throughout the weekend, we’ll confront questions from all aspects of writing life, from equal representation in storytelling to defining the dubiously-named “speculative fiction” genre.

4. NETWORK. When it comes down to it, Hollihock’s focus is on the local writing community, and no matter how much we grow – that will always be our focus. It’s where we got our start, after all! You’ll be able to connect with the writers who live in your own backyard – or, if you’re joining us from further afield, connect with a new community. Either way, Hollihock’s intimate setting ensures you won’t get lost in the crowd. Whether you're a new writer looking for guidance from a professional or a published author looking for inspiration and connections with other professionals – you'll have plenty of opportunities at Hollihock to network.

5. EXPLORE. They say it’s all about location, location, location, and Hollihock is perfectly situated to let you experience the historic city of New Bedford. Our venue, the Star Store, is a satellite campus of UMass Dartmouth located in the heart of downtown. Our proximity gives conference attendees unbeatable access to the “Whaling City” and the rich heritage of the South Coast!

Not convinced yet? Learn more about Hollihock and check out some of our classes coming up this summer:

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